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"That feeling when you go through every day smiling and laughing and pretending to be okay then going home at your room collapsed by the pain of your mind whispering to yourself maybe everything was never okay."
-The unwritten. foreveranuncoolkid (via 15november1988)
"I want a relationship where we are very comfortable with each other. We won’t mind doing stupid things. We laugh our ass off or laugh like there’s no tomorrow. We won’t feel any embarrassment on whatever we might do. When we’re having an argument, we won’t end our day fighting. When one of us is down or sad, we will comfort and cheer each other up. We’re comfortable telling about things. We support each other. We will accept each other’s flaws and weaknesses. We won’t lie even if it’ll hurt us. We enjoy spending time together. We know every little things about each other. We always visualize ourselves in the future. And most importantly, I want a relationship where there is love, trust, and loyalty."
-Activity 7-B. gwynnederful (via 15november1988)